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Made in Israel


" Recently I purchased a beautiful, handmade tallit from Galilee Silks for my grandson, Jake. It came with a matching kippa and tall it bag. Our grandson proudly tried it on and loved it instantly as did his parents. We took photos of Jake and sent them to all of the family. I also bought 2 beautiful "Galilee Silk" Challah covers as gifts for my children and 2 colorful hand designed scarves for good friends who were thrilled by their bright colors and softness. "

Floral Pink Tallit

Old Price $199.00
Sale Price: $99.00
Floral Pink Tallit

This soft, floral, pink tallit is decorated with pink burnout velvet. What a lovely gift if will make for any young girl or woman who loves feminine accessories! The blessing on the atara is embroidered and the tallit measures 20" by 72". The tallit comes in a set with a matching bag and kippa.