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Made in Israel


"It is not until May 6th, but I took the tallit to Nashville this past week end to show my granddaughter Margo and she LOVED the tallit. I love it also. Her middle name is Rose so it will be beautiful and she will pass it down to her children and grand children, please G-d. My speech starts off about her great grandparents especially my father who put on teffilin every morning and how I remember his tallis and his beautiful tallis bag made of velvet when I was a young child. Then I will...

Floral Pink Tallit

Old Price $199.00
Sale Price: $99.00
Floral Pink Tallit

This soft, floral, pink tallit is decorated with pink burnout velvet. What a lovely gift if will make for any young girl or woman who loves feminine accessories! The blessing on the atara is embroidered and the tallit measures 20" by 72". The tallit comes in a set with a matching bag and kippa.