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Silk Painting


Silk worms (a species of caterpillar) feed on mulberry leaves, spinning themselves cocoons which can be 100,000 feet long. It takes 45,000 cocoons to produce two pounds of raw silk. It is a very fine, elastic and strong material.Silk worms have been kept in China for over 4,000 years and fabrics reach the rest of the world along the famous “Silk Route” to Europe for many centuries. No other material or technique produces such luminous colors.

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Hand Painting

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The luxury of pure silk is very special. Our original hand-painted designs have a sheen and a glow that no synthetic, machine produced product can achieve.Each piece of material is unique as our artists paint each item individually.

Every collection is carefully thought out, with reference to the colors that are popular for each fashion season. In addition, we are careful to choose colors that compliment each other and your wardrobe. We are therefore certain that you will feel very special wearing our unique products.