Silk Scarf in Rainbow Colors




Product Description

Base Materials: Ponge Silk
Decorative Materials: Hand Painted pure silk

Size: 150 x 30cm

Colors: Green, Gold, Blue, purple, Yellow, all merging to form a beautiful rainbow effect. This highly individual combination of lustrous colors makes a scarf that will go with any color item of clothing

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This is our rainbow scarf. It is based on a corn yellow, a light blue and pink-purple. It very a gay and striking scarf and stands out with whatever ensemble you choose to wear. We design it so that the colors run into each other and form additional interesting combinations of color.

Scarves are obtainable in a range of colors (view color chart) and sizes.

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A8006 Small rectangle 51″x 8″ (130x20cm), A8012 Medium Rectangle 59″x 12″ (150×30 cm), A8014 Large rectangle 59″x17″ (150×45 cm), A8016 Headscarf 35″x35″ (90 x90 cm), A8022 Sarong 70″x35″ (180×90 cm)


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