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Tallit for Bat Mitzva Girl

Tallit for Bat Mitzvah Girl has become a highly important item in the Bat Mitzvah to do list.

We at Galilee Silks consider several important factors when designing these festive Jewish prayer shawls.

First, the Tallit’s material is of high importance since the wearer must feel light and comfortable on her special day. Read more




Silk Tallit for Girls – Modern Trendy Fashion

As a girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah, it is increasingly common for the girl’s parents or family to celebrate the occasion by gifting her with a beautiful girls’ tallit, a traditional shawl to be worn during prayer.

The popularity of tallit for girls has grown over the past few years, and as a result, there is a wide variety of girls’ tallit available from which to choose. Finally, girls no longer have to wear tallit intended for adult women. Tallit for girls are designed with fashion in mind, and use colorful pallets and elegant fabric that appeals to teenage girls. Recognizing that the tallit is an important symbol, tallit for girls are designed to look respectful of tradition yet also fashionable and fun. Girls’ tallit manage to look modern and trendy, yet still incorporate symbols of Judaism into the design of the tallit, such as torah scrolls, an image of Jerusalem, a tree of life or doves. Read more



Tallit for Women – A Fashion Item

When you think of Judaism, what are the images that first come to mind?

For every woman, the answer to that question may be different. Wearing a customized tallit for women is an opportunity to show what Judiasm means to you, as well as your individuality and personal sense of style.

Tallit for women is an ancient custom that has recently re-emerged in popularity over the past few years. As the trend of tallit for women becomes more and more mainstream, a growing market has emerged, providing many options of tallit from which to choose. Read more

The Silk Road

Gili Matza (Lempel)

From an article in the At women’s magazine, March 2005  Read more

Shabbat & Tallit


Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest and falls on the seventh day of every week. Observing Shabbat is the fourth of the Ten Commandments: Read more

Galilee Silks: Silk creations from the Holy Land

Judaica and Fashion: Welcome to the intriguing world of Galilee Silks.

Our world is a bright and colorful one, drawing its essence from four basic components: silk – that natural fiber with the soft, smooth touch; color – the almost infinite variations of color combinations we use; Galilee – the beautiful, green surroundings in which we live and work; and Judaica – the beautiful items related to Jewish holidays, customs and tradition.

It is in this environment that we create our products. We hand-dye our silk and lovingly create our line of Judaica items and our top of the line fashion products.

Our Judaica line includes beautiful gift ideas for bar mitzvah , weddings and Jewish Holidays, such as Tallit for men, tallit for woman,tallis, Kippah, Yarmulke, Kipot, Challa covers, Afikoman bags and, more.

Our fashion line brings you fascinating clothing items and accessories in irresistible patterns and colors: silk scarves, shirts, T-shirts, skirts, sarongs, handbags, necklaces and much, much more.

Our two lines touch and interlink in a way that our Judaica items always look updated and modern, and our fashion items carry the ambiance of the deep, meaningful place we come from and work in.

All our products – Judaica and Fashion – are hand dyed silk items. We invest all we can in creating the most interesting and touching color combinations, but are always open to other wishes and tastes. We encourage you to look at our color chart and choose for yourself which items you would like in which colors.

We invite you to share and enjoy our world.