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Shop for the Trendiest Jewish Prayer Shawl Online at Galilee Silks

If we ever have to choose a single garment that symbolizes Jewish strength and identity, it would surely be the Tallit (Jewish Prayer Shawl). The talliot are one of the most significant parts of a Jew. They are worn while reciting morning prayers known as Shacharit as well as in the synagogue on Sabbath and […]

Jewish Prayer Shawl For Wedding: 5 Helpful Tips!

Jewish prayer shawl or tallits is something that has become a significant part of the Jewish life over time. The significance has all the more increased after the tradition of wearing tallits has been developed by women as well. Now, since marriage is definitely a significant custom in all the religions, in Judaism also marriage […]

Gift the Best Tallit to your Bat Mitzvah from Galilee Silks

Bat Mitzvah is a really special Jewish ceremony which refers to the literal meaning of “daughter of commandment”. It is like the turning point of a girl’s life. And for the complete celebration of this occasion, Bat Mitzvah girls tallit are needed for which Galilee Silks deserves the Best Provider Award!! Today, this article from […]