Buy an Israeli Woman Tallit to adorn in both religious ceremonies and special occasions!

The tallit is an integral part of any religious ceremony and any other occasion. It is a Jewish emblem which is a signature cultural outfit adorned by the Jewish women in Israel. Tallit or prayer shawl portrays soberness and evokes a sense of respect when it is worn in a synagogue, Morning Prayer hall, congregation, and Bat Mitzvah ceremony. 


Despite meeting the Jewish traditional guidelines, the Jewish ladies are now looking for the tallit that looks stylish and festive. Are you also in search of an exquisite tallit enriched with both the traditional and contemporary trends? In this blog, you will get the out-and-out details of the leading Israeli Judaic shops that manufacturedesign, and deliver woman tallit at the lowest price rate. 




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Where to find the best hand-painted tallit woman? 


Though there are many over-the-counter tallit online stores, it is not easy to find versed artisans and professional tailors who design jaw-dropping tallit that blends religious significance, traditional concept, aesthetics, and contemporary twist altogether. Beyond the rigid Jewish traditional tallit concept like the wool or cotton fabric, white body color, and only blue and black stripes, women are now cherishing hand-made silk tallit to bring the festive looks to their style statement.


An exclusively designed feminine tallit that takes your style statement up a notch-


Several reputed and reliable online stores in Israel specialize in using a rich and vibrant collection of elegantly handcrafted and designed tallit for Bat Mitzvah girl or the bride. Though there are eye-catching options available in many online tallit stores, you must explore for strikingly gorgeous original silk feminine tallit with a detailed description of several Jewish religious motifs.


Galilee Silks is a renowned Israeli Silk designer and manufacturer specializing in hand-woven original Israeli silk tallit. Headquartered in Northern-Israel, they have been producing a distinctive range of exclusive pieces for over 25 years.




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Their hand-painted Silk Tallit collection is unique as each piece is individually painted and specially designed on soft thick Crepe De Chine Silk, polyester, rayon, and viscose. Without deviating from the conventional Jewish tradition, they incorporate unique different decorative designs to induce contemporary style. They hand-paint or sew different Jewish motifs like the Star of David, the Israeli flag, the Seven Species and the Lion of Judea, the tree of life, Doves of Peace, Jerusalem, and more in the vibrant color scheme. 


A customized tallit is in Trends 

Whether you attend religious ceremonies or a special occasion, women love to adorn the customized sacred piece. So, the manufacturers personalize woman tallit by embroidering a name to the tallit bag, using Hebrew and English language in the taffeta and the kippah upon request. 


One of the best parts about Galilee Silks is that they include meaningful messages in the designs. Besides buying it for you, it is a wonderful and meaningful gift for the special event of any Jewish woman’s life.