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Tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl reflecting a religious significance as a remembrance of god's commandments. This fringed garment is traditionally worn during Morning Prayer, wedding ceremony, in the synagogue, and to commemorate a special occasion.

In earlier days, only Jewish men wore them during the daily morning prayers along with the Kippah and tefillin. Jewish boys usually started wearing the tallitot from their teenage period. For women, they had to face certain limitations wearing this religious garment in earlier days. But later, this old restriction come to an end as women started adorning it regularly. In recent times, women also use this sacred garment as fashion statement.

Alt Tag: Personalize Women's Tallit Prayer Shawl

Hand-painted silk prayer shawl for men and women-

The hand-crafted silk Tallit collection is absolutely unique. This collection has specially designed Jewish Prayer Shawls by our artists and each is individually hand-painted on soft thin Crepe De Chine Silk. You can buy Jewish prayer shawl for yourself or as a gift to a loved one from a wide variety of designs including religious Jewish Motifs like Tree of life, Doves of Peace, Jerusalem and more.

The designers must create and expand the exclusive Bat Mitzvah Tallit collection so that every girl and woman can find the right festive piece to embrace on her special day. Whether it is classic, modern and hand painted silk designer tallit, you will get different types of Jewish prayer shawls from an Israeli tallit store. Galilee Silks tallitot feature fabulous color schemes and best quality materials. A prayer shawl is always an elegant gift to receive on a confirmation ceremony with a matching Tallit bag and kippah.

Alt Tag: Hand made Blue Shades with white Silk Women's Tallit Prayer Shawl

Alt Tag: Hand made Blue Shades with white Silk Women's Tallit Prayer Shawl


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Tired of buying plain prayer shawl in white wool? To serve a different taste, stunning Jewish prayer shawls are also available with hand-painted on silk Jerusalem Embroidery in Gold. This particular design features a "watercolor" look with embroidered gold line "drawing" of the Jerusalem city. The blessing is usually embroidered in Hebrew on the Atarah. If you want to purchase an exclusive designer tallit as a gift to the head of the family, pop in to a well established Tallit shop that ships worldwide.

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Galilee Silks is a leading Israeli Silk designer specializing in hand dyeing of raw white silk and producing a distinctive range of unique textile products like Jewish Prayer Shawls or Silk Tallit. It is one of the leading silk designers and hand dyeing factory in Israel. For over 30 years, they have been specializing in manufacturing silk tallit and adding new innovative designs to serve the requirement of their worldwide customers. Their unique Tallit collection includes meaningful religious symbols such as the Holy Temple, Jerusalem, Star of David, Lion of Judah, Peace Doves and more.

They use a variety of materials, such as Silk, Wool, Viscose and Polyester. Tallit can also be the meaningful gift for life's special occasions which offer the option of including a personalized name embroidery work. One can buy Jewish prayer shawl, along with the congregation's or synagogue’s logo upon request.