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Wearing a tallit (likewise called a tallis) traces all the way back to Torah times when the Jewish public was told to attach "tzitzit" (borders or knotted tassels) to the corners of any four-cornered piece of clothing. The reason for wearing a tallis was to remind the Jewish public of the 613 mitzvot (commandments). The Hebrew word tzitzit has the mathematical comparability of 600, and every knotted tassel has 8 strings with 5 bunches, which collectively equivalents 613. At that time, large squares of white material were worn continually as protection from the burning desert sun, collapsed into scarves, and wrapped over the shoulders in the evening when the desert's temperatures drop. At the point when this stopped being regularizing practice, the Rabbis announced that four-cornered tasseled clothing should be worn each day, so the belief of tzitzit wouldn't be forgotten.

If you are looking to buy tallis for men, women, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding, or chuppah, then don’t look further than Galilee Silks. It has a wide range of tallis that can be customized to suit your needs. But before that, check out our informative guide on the difference between different types of tallis.

Traditional Tallit

Although, traditionally tallitot were made from different types of materials such as wool, cotton, linen, or silk but most of the Jewish law authorities term wool as the best option to make tallitot. The vintage traditional design has progressed over the years to include various stripes and decorative corners in an array of colors and sizes. Galilee Silks carry a broad collection of elegant classic tallitot, made from pure, unblended wool, featuring grey, white, blue, gold, or black stripes. A person’s personality can really be known from the type of tallit stripes he uses- as seen with this Blue & White Wool Tallit for men, which symbolizes the person’s attempt to serve God and obey his commandments.

Blue & White Wool Tallit for men- Galilee Silks

Modern Tallit

Modern tallitot from Galilee Silks are usually made up of a wide range of fibers and styles that are suitable for persons who are in a constant search for new clothing and styles. The collection of modern tallits for men usually includes unique contemporary tallit designs that feature decorative shades and stripes as well as backgrounds in beautiful colors, finishes, and sizes. These tallitot are best suitable for everyday use.

Bar Mitzvah Tallit

The Bar Mitzvah tallit collection from Galilee Silks includes striking and remarkable patterns made of various base materials such as Wool Tallit, Wool and Silk Tallit, Viscose Tallit, and Polyester Tallit from the top artists in Israel. These tallits can be customized by adding personalized name embroidery in English or Hebrew. Many of these handmade tallit designs come in many vibrant colors like blue pomegranate wool tallit or silver and dark blue decorations wool tallit allowing the Bar Mitzvah to make a statement and stand out amidst the crowd. 

Tallitot for Women

While traditionally, tallit was only worn by men, but now more women have started to embrace the religious mitzvah, and therefore Galilee Silks offers handmade tallits for women in several fabric categories, like Hand Painted Silk Tallit, Hand Made Tallit from Wool combined with hand-painted silk panel, Bat Mitzvah Tallit, and many more in a wide range of colors.

Turquoise and Blue Hand Painted Silk Stripes Black Tallit for Women- Galilee Silks

Bat Mitzvah Tallit

The expert designers of Galilee Silks have been creating classic, modern, and hand-painted Bat Mitzvah tallit on silk designs with fabulous color schemes and from the best quality materials. These tallits are designed and styled keeping in mind the feminine fashion. The tallits are heavenly soft and luxurious, making it fully comfortable for the girl wearing them.

All In All

Galilee Silks has been creating original and unique tallit designs that are handmade in Israel by renowned designers. It also allows you to add a personalized name embroidery to make it even more meaningful. So browse through the beautiful, refreshing designs and buy your favorite tallis today from the leading supplier of the tallits!