Buy the largest selection of handmade women’s tallit sets available at a discounted price

At Galilee Silks, you will find a wide selection of magnificent and mesmerizing women’s tallit sets in every size, design, color, style and fabric- handmade by the skilled professionals of Israel.

The Tallit or prayer shawls are usually seen as the ultimate symbol of Jewish prayer that is worn during the morning prayers and holidays by men and women. Traditionally, only Jewish men were allowed to wear the prayer shawls, who would put them around their necks or under their outer garments. However, with the progression of women’s rights in the liberal Jewish sectors in the last few decades, it has now become more prevalent and accepted in many communities for women to wear tallitot prayer services like their male counterparts and continue wearing them for as long as they wish.


Women’s tallit is available in various shapes, sizes, fabrics and colors. But, nowadays, it has become a challenge for women to find a reliable and skilled tailor professional, who can make elegant tallitot for women, which would soothe the eye as well as evoke a sense of respect. However, if you are someone, who is looking for a unique range of tallits in subtle colors, then look no further than Galilee Silks. With new and vibrant looking stylish tallit designs for women, the skilled professionals from the reputed online shopping site specializing in handmade tallits can help you in meeting this requirement appropriately. 


Let’s take a look at a few of the most loved tallits from Galilee Silks:


Lilac Crocuses Field Tallit for Women

Lilac Crocuses Field Tallit for Women, Girl Tallit, Feminine Tallit, Bat Mitzvah Tallit Set- Galilee Silks

This new mesmerizing floral design represents an eye-catching impression of Lilac and Purple Crocuses and butterflies. The flower's name in Hebrew is 'Sitvanit', which means the start of the Fall season. Handmade in the Holy Land of Israel, this prayer shawl's white garment is decorated across the middle with an artistic depiction of butterflies, gracefully flying above an area of purple crocuses in complete blossom. All four corners, as well as the Attarah, are colored in matching Lilac shade along with the Hebrew blessing that is embroidered in White. The bottom of the prayer shawl is designed with fine opaque polyester fabric that can also be ordered with a sheer base. This Tallit for women is available with a set of matching Tallit bag and Kippah. It is perfect to be used for High Holidays and Bat Mitzvah Tallit gifts. 


Sunflowers Field Tallit for Women

Sunflowers Field Tallit for Women, Girl Tallit, Feminine Tallit, Bat Mitzvah Tallit Set- Galilee Silks

A new and original design by the skilled professionals from Galilee Silks, the Sunflower Field tallit is designed with yellow sunflowers, accompanied by yellow and lime ribbons. Furthermore, the blessing on the collar (Attarah) is embroidered in Hebrew on White background that will make you stand out from the crowd when you wear this beautiful designer women's tallit set in the synagogue. Like other Galilee Silks feminine tallits, it comes in a set with a matching tallit bag and kippah. The best thing is that the design is replicated on the bag while the kippah has a matching color of the tallit.


It is suitable for all ages, like bat mitzvah girl, mom or grandmother. It is a distinct style statement that allows the woman to meet her needs of wearing a tallit while being unique and feeling special.


Bottom Line

For a tallit that suits your feminine style, ensure to browse the largest collection of women’s tallit sets available at Galilee Silks. The lovely designs incorporate beautiful colors, elegant detailing, and light materials that many Jewish women prefer. Rest assured, you’ll love being able to select from so many tallitot available at an affordable price that will definitely appeal to your personal sense of style.