Colorful Women's Tallit: Create a Sense of Personal Space during Prayer

Choose original and uniquely hand-made women’s Tallit, hand painted silk Tallit, wool or voile made Tallit, available in wide color schemes.

The idea of wearing a “Tallit” dates back to Torah times, in the time Jewish people were commanded to attach "tzitzit", which is nothing but fringes or knotted tassels to the corners of any four-cornered garment.

If you close your eyes and imagine what Jewish prayer looks like, then an archetypal image will come to mind of an older, bearded man, praying as the sun rises whilst wrapped in a prayer shawl. These shawls - or “Tallitot” in Hebrew and “Talleisim” in Yiddish - are worn during prayer by Jewish men as well as a growing number of women. This is an iconic and integral part of Jewish clothing and image.  


Beautiful & Adorned Women’s Tallit Makes the Prayer and presence Special

Women tend to choose Tallitot to be expressive of who they are as well as what will look nice with multiple outfits. The great number of women thinks a lot about what their choice communicates about them as an individual and as a Jew.

There are many different factors to take into consideration while choosing women’s Tallit. The wrong Tallit can make the body seem disproportionate, slip off the shoulders and distract during prayer. It may feel too loud, too understated, too old, too extravagant etc'.

It is possible that women pay more attention that men to the way they choose a Tallit. For women, it can be more challenging. They consider the Tallit design so it will be expressive of their style and fit the clothes they wear. Many like a Blue or Lilac Tallit that creates a sense of spirituality for the personal space during prayer.


Receiving a colorful women’s Tallit can be a wonderful moment during the Bat Mitzvah preparations. If you receive one from your grandmother for your Bat Mitzvah, it will surely create a wonderful memory for your life and will become a joyful, special importance point of the ceremony. The Tallit is made out in several fabric categories, like hand painted Silk Tallit, hand-made Tallit from Wool or Voile combined with painted silk panel, and viscose .It can also be in different colors, such as pink, blue, purple, green and more. When you choose one, it is recommended to choose an elegant, original and uniquely designed Tallit in Israel.

Last, but certainly not the least, the principles for to buying a suitable Tallit can be many, but something you should keep in mind the few that matter to you the most. You should decide if you want a prayer shawl made of wool or synthetic base. It should suite your height so select the size accordingly. As for selecting the fringes: you may consider a design with the 4 mandatory ones in the corners, or with additional multiple small fringes on the sides.