Different Types of Bar Mitzvah Tallit to Adorn for Special Occasions

Check out different types of Tallit for Men suitable for any special occasion. Buy a Bar Mitzvah tallit that serves different requirements of the wearers. Visit Galilee Silks.


Tallit is a religious emblem that carries spiritual significance connected with the Jewish Culture. It is a fringed garment traditionally worn over one's clothing during prayer, synagogue, the Bar Mitzvah ritual, wedding ceremony, or to commemorate a special occasion. From thirteen years of age, Jewish men wear them during the daily morning prayers along with the Kippah and the tefillin. 

It is an indispensable part of an auspicious Jewish occasion since the 14th century. In Eastern European communities, Jewish boys started adorning the tallit from their toddler stage. They start adorning the bar mitzvah tallit regularly after their Bar mitzvah and ceremony wedding.  

Traditional Plain Tallit- 

Many Bar Mitzvah boys want to stick to the tradition and prefer to showcase the classic white tallit with black or blue stripes. This religious emblem features some knotted fringes on its four corners.

Wool Tallit with Modern Intricate Designs- 

What if you are a fan of a wool tallit but want an upgraded gorgeously decorated one at the same time? Then you can buy a handmade tallit that features a hand-painted silk panel. 

Some of these tallitot are also designed with intricate embroidered typical Jerusalem views of stone houses, narrow allies, and mysterious stairs - all in mountain surroundings.  

Jerusalem Tallit-


Bar Mitzvah Tallit with Gold embroidered Jerusalem landscape


People who love to display religious symbols and motifs in the tallit they wear on their Bar Mitzvah ceremony, may prefer the Jerusalem tallit. This kind of tallit is fabricated in multiple colors and designed with a colorful panel. One of the most famous and identifiable things about Jerusalem is its long-standing walls which date back thousands of years. 


Custom Tallit from Israel-


Customization makes any garment meaningful and special. When it comes to tallit you can also order with request for customization from the designer. Whether you buy it for yourself or for others, you can enhance the significance of it with the inclusion of a personalized name embroidery in Hebrew or English on the tallit bag.


Hand-painted Bar Mitzvah Tallit Sets-


In recent times, the tallit is also used as a fashionable attire to uplift the style statement. You can check out in the tallit shop the Hebrew Prayer Shawl collections that are hand-painted with geometric or artistic stripes, decorated fabrics, and different Jewish motifs like Start of David, Lion of Judea, Jerusalem Tallit, Tree of Life, and more.


The Majestic Royal-Looking Black Tallit-


Majestic Royal-Looking Black Bar Mitzvah Tallit Set


A unique distinguished Black polyester Tallit that is enhanced with a tasteful panel of woven narrow Gray fabric. Navy and Royal Blue ribbons are used in the patchwork on the Gray fabric to give a final touch of elegance. This exclusive Tallit is available in the new Galilee Silk Collection, in various sizes.


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