Distinguished Bar Mitzvah Tallit: Exclusively Hand-Crafted for Men

Tallits (Jewish prayer shawls) are often presented at a milestone moment in one’s adult Jewish life. At bar mitzvahs, many families choose to give their child a tallit, which they will wear for the first time as they lead a congregation in prayer and learning.

Bottom of Form

In this article, we will limit our discussion to bar mitzvah tallit or tallit for men only!

Below are some of the elegant and smart tallits for men, which has always attracted many customers to Galilee silks.

The Peace Tallit for Men:

Made of wool, this exclusive bar mitzvah tallit for men is most suitable for the special occasion. The rich decoration of the atara is sure to catch the attention of all present in the event!

The Colorful Walls of Jerusalem Viscose Bar Mitzvah Tallit:

The Walls of Jerusalem is a religiously significant place for prayers and pilgrimage for the Jewish community. The unique design pattern on the off-white viscose background will undoubtedly create a memory for your young boy on his Bar Mitzvah ceremony. The key highlight of this tallit, is the cotton and silk Gold-framed panels in Red, Green, Greyand Black colours.

Collections of Bar Mitzvah Tallit

If you and your soon to be Bar Mitzvah boy are still finding the process of choosing the perfect tallit a little daunting, here are four tips to make the process a little easier. 

1. Try it on for Size:

The best way to figure out which size is suitable is to try them on!  Don’t be afraid to take the tallit off the rack, wrap yourself up in it, and try to imagine what it will feel like as you are standing on the bima for your bat mitzvah. 

2. Be True to Yourself:

The decision of which tallit to choose, size, color, or where to buy it, should be solely yours. Although, your friends and relatives may offer some wisdom that can help guide you, but trust your gut and choose a tallit you can see yourself being excited to wear for the rest of your life.

3. Find a Connection:

A brand new bar mitzvah tallit – only for men, custom made just for the special occasion of yours. You can choose a certain color or pattern which may bring to mind a memory that serves as central to your personality and approach to life. There are many ways that you can find a connection to your tallit—the important part is to find one that feels authentic and inspiring to you, so that you will be proud to wrap yourself in your tallit. 

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