Exquisite Range of Tallit for Women: Hand-Made to Perfection!

The Tallit is a significant part in the lives of Reform and Conservative Jewish women. Tallits are not just prayer shawls; it have now become a trendy fashion garment. There was a time when tallit for women were irrelevant, because women were not allowed to wear the tallit. But with the change of time and mind-set, women are adorning tallit now more than ever.

Tallit is a prayer shawl usually adorned duringspecial or daily occasions in the synagogue by Jewish women. It is ought to look attractive but portray soberness which soothes the eye as well as evoke a sense of respect. Nowadays, it is a challenge to find a skilled tailor professional who can make elegant tallit for women, exactly the way you wish. Handmade clothes and garments are really hard to locate these days, but reputed online shopping sites specializing in handmade tallits can help you in meeting this requirement appropriately. Elegant yet stylish Tallit for Women are readily available online, and these are exquisitely handmade by skilled professionals. 

We at Galilee Silks have come up with new and fashionable tallit designs, if you are someone who is looking for a unique range of tallits in subtle colours, then you are at the right place!

Let’s have a look at few of our most-loved tallits!

Blue and Green Stars of David Tallit:

This beautiful piece of clothing is decorated with a Hand painted chain of Start of David symbols in shades of Blue and Turquoise on a Gray background. Undoubtedly, this is a unique Star of David pattern, in which the color gradually and beautifully moves from light Blue to dark Blue creating an artistic movement look. This tallit comes with a matching tallit bag, it is surely going to make you look like a treat to the eyes!

ALT TEXT: Blue and Green Stars of David Tallit – Especially designed for Women

Watercolour Yellow Flowers Bouquet Tallit:

It is one of the new designs from our collection, which portrays a wide array of different yellow flowers as a bouquet. It has a unique design area and Atarah that is bordered with matching yellow and green satin ribbons. The blessing is embroidered in Hebrew and white. It has a really subtle appeal which is just so attractive, surely many heads are going to turn!

ALT TEXT: Watercolour Yellow Flowers Bouquet Tallit for Women– So Elegant yet so Appealing!

Why Choose Galilee Silks: 

We offer exclusively handmade Tallit for Women in a wide range of fabric categories, like, Hand Painted Silk, Wool\Voile combined with hand painted silk panel and Viscose.

We are committed towards providing the best and unique designs of Tallit which is super comfortable yet has a classy outlook.

There are quite a few factors one should take into consideration while choosing Tallit for Women. If you choose a Tallit which is not suitable, it can make the body seem disproportionate; it might slip off the shoulders and distract you during prayer. It may feel too loud, too understated, too old, too extravagant etc'.

Generally, Women tend to choose Tallit which is expressive of whom they are, as they believe that their choice of Tallit communicates volumes about them as a person. Women prefer a Tallit which they can pair up with multiple outfits. If you are wishing to gift a Tallit to your daughter or granddaughter, for celebrating her Bat Mitzvah ceremony gracefully, visit www.galileesilks.com and gift a beautifully handmade Tallit for Women.