Hand-crafted Bar Mitzvah Tallit: Personalization Possible

Readers will learn about the Bar Mitzvah ritual and why organizing the event at Kotel (the Western Wall) feels special to Jewish people. Plus, know how you can add elements of personalization to your Tallit chosen for the big day.  

The most sacred and religiously significant site for the Jewish people worldwide is the Kotel or the Western Wall. It is at the heart of the ancient city of Jerusalem, and Jewish people throng this holy site to offer their prayers. Bar Mitzvah is a significant event in the life of a boy coming to age and his blood relatives. Many families plan to organize this event at Kotel (the Western Wall) where their boy will take on fulfilling the sacred commandments. To help your son stay prepared appropriately for the ceremony at this holiest site (in Judaism), a hand-crafted Bar Mitzvah Tallit will surely have a unique and important meaning in this event.

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The Bar Mitzvah Ritual

Bar Mitzvah is a ritual that commemorates the coming of the age of a Jewish boy (13 years old). After this ritual, the boy then becomes a bar mitzvah and henceforth is responsible for all his actions. The father offers his gratitude to the Supreme Almighty for relieving him from the accountability of the sins ever to be committed by the boy then onwards.  After the boy steps into his thirteenth birthday, the event is organized on the first Shabbat (seventh day of the week). All the Jews around the world celebrate this event with utter sincerity. Undoubtedly, the site of the celebration chosen and the Bar Mitzvah Tallit selected always play a crucial role in making the ceremony memorable.

Why Bar Mitzvah Celebration at Kotel feels special? (Religious Significance of the Site)

The Kotel (the Western Wall) is the holiest place to the Jewish people on earth. It is regarded as a pious and devout site because of its association with the Temple Mount (Har Habayit). People opine that the site reflects the divine presence of God. The elevated plaza witnessed above the Western Wall is addresses as the Temple Mount. It is believed that the temple stands on the same site where the ancient Jewish temple was built. People also say that Abraham took his dear son Isaac here for sacrificing him to prove his devotion to the Supreme Almighty.

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The Jewish people offer their prayers at the wall, but the most sacred site (in Judaism) is situated behind it, where they cannot venture due to Temple Mount entry restrictions. Fortunate people can get the scope to arrange for Bar Mitzvah celebration of their boy at this sacred site. A professionally planned musical procession, balloons releasing into the air, Quill of the Heart and the Torah reading ceremony at this holy site will be an unforgettable event.

The Talit also Needs to Be Special

If one thing does not stand out exceptionally well, however, other arrangements will get compromised. The Bar Mitzvah Tallit should look sober, elegant and also feel comfortable to the boy wearing it. A reputed online shopping portal selling such religious attire for Jewish people can provide with an array of sober and attractive-looking Bar Mitzvah. Personalization is also possible whereby names can be crafted on the tallit bag in embroidery. Woolen Tallits will help to keep the boy warm as he sincerely follows the rituals on his big day.

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They are available in a wide range of color, design and material options that are selected, keeping in mind the significance of the celebration. Galilee Silks tallit Sets come with a matching kippah and tallit bag. The tallit can be tailor-made in a diverse range of sizes (other than the standard ones) on special request. Remember to ensure that the tallit you are ordering for your boy’s Bar Mitzvah should look stunningly gorgeous yet very sober, and most important - with a design that he loves. Important celebrations demand special arrangements and careful selections.

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