Hand Made Tallit Shop in Israel: Things to Know when Choosing Handmade Tallit

Today there is a large selection in the market of differently colored Tallitot, but many customers like to buy from a hand made Tallit shop in Israel. Some believe handmade Tallit can be the perfect gift for life’s meaningful moments.

Tallit – an interesting trend for the Jewish people on the go! Giving the gift of a handmade Tallit has a big imposrtance. What is a Tallit? A Tallit is a prayer shawl with fringes on its four corners. The most traditional material is white wool with black stripes. Each corner fringe is made up of four strands doubled over to equal eight strands.


Many women like a hand painted silk Tallit, which is absolutely unique these days. There are only Few hand made Tallit shops in Israel with specially designed Jewish prayer shawls for women by their artists and each is individually painted by hand on soft thin Crepe De Chine Silk. 

You can choose one as a gift to your loved one. You can also choose a silk Tallit bag, and the best thing is – you can add a name embroidery to the silk Tallit bag that enhances it as a meaningful Jewish gift. The different designs include features of Traditional Jewish Motifs, like Tree of life, Doves of Peace, Jerusalem, Star of David and many more. 

Choosing Of a Tallit is a Highly Personal Experience 

Tallit - a Jewish prayer shawl, is often received at a milestone moment in one’s adult Jewish life. At Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, the majority of families like to give their child a Tallit that they will wear for the first time as they lead a congregation in prayer as well as learning. Many choose to wear a Tallit on different occasions based on the commion style in the community. It varies from Calssic to Modern, from plain to complex design. 

But be true to yourself while choosing a Tallit. When you prepare for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, there can be many voices vying for attention: the decoration, the size and so forth. The decision of which Tallit to choose, color, size and where to buy it; should be yours. 

You can be overwhelmed from huge Judaice shops offerings,  so chossing can be easier if you buy from a hand made Tallit shop in Israel. Such online shops  offer high quality handmade Tallits in a fantastic selection of colors, contemporary designs that are available today on the market. It should be remembered that there are no particular rules regarding the Tallit color or design.Rather, the fringes that hang off the four corners and the spirutual essence and symbols are the crucial part .


Last, but certainly not the least, your friends and relatives may give you some knowledge that can guide you to choose the best one for you, but you should prioritize your own choice and choose something you can see yourself being excited to wear for the rest of your life. If you are looking for hand made Tallit shop in Israel, look no further than Galilee Silks Designs Ltd., one of the leading Israeli silk designers specializing in Bar Mitzvah Tallit, bBat Mitzvah Tallit, Wedding Tallit and personalized name embroidery on Tallit bags.