How Large Your Tallit Should Be? Let’s Understand the Tallit Size Guide


An important day is coming, perhaps a bat mitzvah, a Jewish wedding or other crucial events where you need to use a tallit. Well, you have searched many online tallit stores and selected the perfect one for you. The colour and designs are perfect. The fabric is also good. But what about the size? Don’t worry. Let us help you in choosing the best size for you. Our tallit size chart guidelines will definitely help you understand the right size for you. Before going further, keep in mind that the way you want to wear a tallit can affect the tallit size. Keep reading to explore more about this.

Always Check the Tallit Size Chart Before Buying a Tallit for You

Large Tallits

While using a large tallit, people generally drape it over their shoulders in such a way that the two corners of your tallit should hang in front of the users and the other two corners hang at the back. If you want to wear your tallit like this, then ensure that it is large enough to easily wrap around. More precisely, your tallit should be big enough so that when you drape it over your head, the back should fall to your waist. Well, the rules related to wearing a tallit may vary from one community to another. So, it will be better for you to look around the community to determine a perfect length. Experts say, if your higher is around 185cm, then you should go for a large tallit with a size of 55”x80”. This can be a perfect option for you if you want to flip your tallit over the shoulders and drape it down to the back. As per the Jewish law, the length of a tallit on every side should be at least 1 cubit. While ensuring the size, you also need to make sure that the knotted strings are not dragging on the floor.

Scarf-Style or Small Tallit

Speaking about a scarf-style tallit, it is a modern version of prayer shawl, and people generally drape it around the neck. Even though there are no size restrictions, you just need to ensure that the ends of the tallit are above the floor. If you are buying a small tallit and just want to drape it around the neck, then it should be at least 20”x64” so that you can get a comfortable fit. A decent standard size is 18” x 64”, and it can fit most average-size users. For a young person or a shorter person, 64” can be an ideal size.

Some artistic and modern designs of tallit that you can buy online may not offer a non-standard size but will definitely fit the desired size. Some of the common sizes of tallit you can find online are:

  • Average high tallit- 36
  • Large tallit for adults- 55 to 80
  • Tall or extra-large size- 90
  • Short adults- 45 to 50
  • Medium height- 55 to 72

You should keep in mind that this tallit size chart guidelines are only meant for general purposes. Personal preferences can also affect the size. If you have any confusion, you can speak to the seller for more information. But no matter what, love it and enjoy your tallit while showing respect to your culture.

Make an Informed Decision About Tallit Size with the Help of Our Tallit Size Chart Guide


Final Words

Now you understand about the tallit size, you are ready to take your next step. However, while buying such an important garment, you should ensure that the tallit is made of up quality fabric to last longer. For this, you can always trust Galilee Silks. There you will find hand-crafted tallits available in different sizes and created using materials like silk. Their tallits come with important religious symbols like the Lion of Judah, the Holy Temple, Doves and more. Check out their tallit selection and tallit size chart now at their official website and buy the best one for you.