Know the important aspects and benefits related to the use of custom tallit

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Jewish prayer shawls or tallit are pieces of unique Jewish garments that hold a major significance in Judaism and are commanded upon the Jews in the Bible. Generally, in the Jewish tradition, it is believed that wearing this religious garment provides comfort and spiritual strength to the wearer. The prayer shawls are also given to people at times of celebrations, such as weddings, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or any special occasions in Jewish culture.

When compared to the traditional times, one can be overwhelmed by the fantastic selection of colors available for tallit today. You can also order a custom tallit in your favorite color and pattern from the online shop of Galilee Silks and use it on any of your special occasions. In this article, we will discuss some concepts that are related to the use of tallit:

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When to use the Tallit

Though not expressly included in the Scriptures, according to the traditional Jewish leaders and rabbis the tallit is usually worn during the morning services in the Synagogue, on Sabbaths and different ceremonies in Jewish culture. However, only the prayer leader is required to wear the tallit in the evening prayers during the Sabbath and holidays.

The tradition to wear the tallit during the day is followed by the command of God in the Torah, where he states that the tzitzit should be entirely visible in order to remind the people of His commandments. This tradition also signifies that the tallit was traditionally used to protect the ancient people in the Middle East from the scorching heat of the sun. The tzitzit is entirely visible in the daytime and thus the tradition of wearing the tallit in the daytime. However, during Yom Kippur, the tallit is also seen to be worn in evening services because of the great holiness of the day.

In most Jewish synagogues, prayer shawls are also available for visitors. Just ensure to follow the prescribed way of donning it as well as the blessings that are being recited before and after wearing the tallit.

How to wear the tallit

Various instances will come in life when you will be required to wear the tallit, but an individual must learn the proper way of donning the tallit as per the Jewish law. According to the Jewish custom, before donning the prayer shawl, you need to hold the tallit in front of you in such a way that the neckpiece with the inscribed blessing should also be facing you. This will enable you to recite the blessings written on it.

Kiss the corners of the neckpiece after a heartfelt prayer of blessing. Then place the tallit over your head and then on your shoulders. Upon donning the tallit, read the blessing written on the neckpiece again. Lastly, after putting on the tallit, you can also recite the scriptural blessing found in the Scriptures.

It is important to wear the tallit in the prescribed ways and recite the blessings from the heart. If possible, learn to recite the blessing in the Hebrew language.

Other crucial rules and customs in wearing the tallit

Whether it’s private or in public worship, remember to follow some of the crucial rules and customs in order to show utmost respect to God and also to the people around you.

  • Do not wear a Tallit when entering the bathroom as it has a portion of the Holy Words written on it.
  • Don’t forget to recite the blessings when borrowing a tallit from the synagogue.
  • Keep the tallits with utmost care in special bags made to store the tallit.
  • If you need to remove the tallit for a short time and have to wear it again immediately, there is no need to recite the benediction prayer again.

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The Custom Tallit Options

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All in All

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