Light Blue Water colors Floating Flowers Tallit for Your Bat Mitzvah

In this post I will review the Light Blue Water colors Floating Flowers Tallit, which will assist you in making an informed purchasing decision. Also, become familiar with the impact of Bat Mitzvah in the life of a Jewish woman's adolescent and the significance of blue color. 

Jewish girls wear Tallit for the first time during Bat Mitzvah when their coming of age ritual is celebrated in their community. This special celebration undoubtedly deserves lavish arrangement, and the Bat Mitzvah Tallit counts among the most crucial aspects to focus one. Many people prefer shopping from reputed online shopping portals, and buying tallit from one such e-store is a lucrative idea. The Light Blue Water colors Floating Flowers Tallit by Galilee Silks is a soberly designed, available at popular virtual store online. A more in-depth description of this tallit will help one realize how it can suite this meaningful event.

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Significance of Bat Mitzvah in the Life of a Jewish Girl

The celebration is marked with joyous gatherings and lavish parties besides marking the entrance of the girl into adulthood. The Bat Mitzvah girl embarks on a journey of a chain of spiritual experiences henceforth and gets the scope to develop her alliance with Judaism. The event marks the time when the girl (Bat Mitzvah) has the responsibility of fulfilling mitzvahs, and it is undoubtedly overwhelming for our present generation!

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The day of the Bat Mitzvah should be made meaningful to the Bat Mitzvah girl, and the Tallit or prayer shawl is believed to symbolize her utmost devotion and dedication to the Supreme Almighty. Whether you have plans for making the Bat Mitzvah celebration a lavish affair or an intimate gathering with a few dearest friends and family, the Tallit you wear has to be respectful  yet attractive.

Light Blue is a significant spiritual color in several cultures!

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A fine example of an elegant-looking Tallit for girls/women is the Light Blue Water colors Floating Flowers Tallit. It is available online and comes with a matching Tallit bag & Kippah. The gentle appearance of the peaceful and soothing light blue color will be appropriate for participating in the event. It will not look dull plain or too bold, as expected from a prayer shawl. Spiritually, the blue color represents faith, sincerity, and wisdom. It is believed to keep negative energy away. The addition of light blue-colored floral design to beautify the Tallit makes a positive impression and sensation on the guests around. Matching blue satin ribbons bordering the floral design area, corners and Atarah enhance the aesthetic value of the shawl.

The Bat Mitzvah Tallit Set

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This Tallit, with its soothing yet gorgeous look, will infuse more confidence in the girl while she delivers her customary Bat Mitzvah Speech. The opaque polyester fabric will be comfortable against her skin as she shares her Torah ideas she can best resonate with. The matching Tallit bag and Kippah portray the same Light Blue Water colors Floating Flowers pattern for a more graceful look. Personalized name embroidery on the tallit bag is available and should be mentioned while ordering for it.

Yet another attractive side of this specific feminine Tallit is that the blessing comes embroidered in white on white background and the atarah is bordered with the light blue ribbons as well. This complimentary piece completes the unique celestial design!