Personalized Four Mothers Sheer with Turquoise Silk Tallit for Women

A perfect Tallit choice to wear for the Bat Mitzvah ceremony, where our four mothers in Judaism seem to bestow upon us their blessings through it. The colour choice and design pattern further accentuate the visual appeal of this unique design. 

Dressing appropriately during the prayer and other significant events is crucial for a follower of Judaism. Tallit as a prayer shawl, symbolizes the utmost devotion to the Supreme Almighty. They wear it during prayers and on special occasions, like celebrating Bat mitzvah (the coming-of-age ceremony) or wedding. These days it is commonly witnessed that young Jewish women prefer buying exquisitely designed Tallits from reputed online shopping portals or e-stores, where a plethora of attractive choices are readily available at best prices. Four Mothers Sheer with Turquoise Silk Tallit for Women can be an excellent choice to grace the Bat Mitzvah ceremony with. Here, we would be providing you with a detailed description of the Tallit design and significance  to assist you in making a quality purchasing decision. 

A Brief Introduction with The Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

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In the Jewish community, the celebration of Bat Mitzvah is an important event and people (friends, relatives and well-wishers) take part in it with greater enthusiasm. Bat Mitzvah is the coming of age ritual for Jewish girls, celebrated once the young lady steps into her 13th birthday (Reform Jews) or 12th birthday (Conservative Jews). After this, the lady becomes accountable for all her actions, and her parents are freed from the responsibility hereafter. It, therefore, is a momentous event in the life of the young Jewish lady and everyone in connection with her (her relatives and family). Before setting your foot forth for the event, it is necessary to get the lady prepared for it. She should look smart, sober and elegant on her special day and the Four Mothers Sheer with Turquoise Silk Tallit for Women can do full justice to the significance of the event.

The Significance of the Four Mothers in Judaism

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If we turn the pages of Jewish history, we would know who and how important these four Mothers in Judaism are. Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah are the four matriarchs (mothers) believed to have modelled our Jewish nation. Sarah happens to be the first matriarch, and Abraham is considered to be the first patriarch (father), of the Jewish people.

Each of the four ('four' is a significant number as far as the Pessah is concerned) were different from one another but possessed exceptionally noble traits unique to each. All of them have been a great inspiration for all Jewish mothers and daughters across the world, always.

It is also believed that the four mothers are capable of predicting the four redemption stages of their descendants..

Alt Tag: Four Mothers Sheer with Turquoise Silk Tallit for Women


The design description

Exquisitely designed The Four Mothers Sheer with Turquoise Silk Tallit for Women resembles the subtle equation of tradition and fashion. The light base with Blue-n-Turquoise shaded panel soothes the eyes of people surrounding them. It looks beautiful, fashionable, without being bold or gaudy.

The complimentary satin ribbons in Turquoise add a glamorous and elegant touch to it, on an overall basis. It is thoughtfully designed to do full justice to the essence of the event.

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The Tallit is hand-crafted and comes beautifully designed with the Blessing embroidered on the atara (neckband) in Hebrew. The hallmark of the outfit lies in the fact that the four corners highlight the names of the Four matriarchs - Sarah, Leah, Rachel & Rivkah (שרה, רקבקה, רחל, לאה). It feels as if all our four mothers in Judaism are standing beside the lady and bestowing upon her their blessings to remain a virtuous lady all through her life journey. You can spot the names gracing the hand-painted silk background of the Tallit as well.

The same design pattern repeats on the Tallit bag. On special request, it is possible to custom design your name in embroidery on the Tallit bag. The Tallit is tailored and designed to help a woman of any age look sober and elegant, so even the mother/grandmother of the Bat Mitzvah girl can opt for this Tallit. 

The Four Mothers Sheer with Turquoise Silk Tallit for Women will be an excellent choice for your daughter/granddaughter, for her big day. Let her confidently read from the Torah or lecture on a Jewish topic to claim her status in the adult Jewish community.