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Doesn’t matter if someone is buying tzitzit for the first time or the 50th time; not many are aware of its historical significance. So the next time when you set out to buy tzitzit, don’t forget to read this blog beforehand so as to know the history behind this religious garment. 

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What isTzitzit and What Does it Represent?

In Hebrew, tzitzit means “fringes”, which refers to the strings attached to the four corners of a garment. What we learn from this is that the tzitzit is needed only on a four-cornered garment. But, you will not find many people wearing four-cornered clothing on a regular basis, and therefore, a special garment (tallit katan) was designed by the Jews in order to fulfill this most important commandment of God. 

Rabbi Yitzchak Abarbanel, who is termed as one of the most famous Jewish commentators, said that this is the reason why the Torah states that “we must make Tzitzith… for all generations” in order to remind the Jews of God's commandments and a call to righteousness. According to him, a time would come when four-cornered garments i.e. a tallit katan, would not usually be worn, but we must continue to wear that special garment in order to fulfill the commandment of Tzitzit. 

There is a hole on each of the four corners of the tallit katan, and according to various tying customs, through this hole, the tzitzit strings are needed to be threaded and tied. But, Chassidic Jews have a custom of making two horizontally aligned holes in each of the four corners, and as per Chabad, the holes are aligned diagonally.

Coming to the fabrics, traditionally, a tallit katan was made of wool or cotton (or synthetic materials, which are preferred by some Chassidim) but nowadays, it is made of various other fabrics too. The tzitzit strings are always made of wool. But as some people refer to a tallit katan simply as “tzitzit,” a wool tallit katan may be referred to as “wool tzitzit” and similarly, a cotton tallit katan may be referred to as “cotton tzitzit.”

Importance of Tzitzit for the Jews people

Multiple analyses have been made by several people as to why tzitzit is significant to the Jews. According to one rabbi who reads a Talmudic passage suggests that by wearing the Tzitzit, one can obey the Shema.

While others say that a tzitzit serves as a reminder as all Jews are the servants of God. As per an interpretation made by R. Hezekiah ben Manoach (13th century), “God says that they must wear the tzitzit so that they never forget that they are his servants and the commandments.”

In Torah Number 115, another explanation is offered to Jews which says that the tzitzit saves Jews from sin or any wrongdoing. In rabbinic literature, you must have heard many times how people were miraculously saved from committing any sin. Some suggest that this is simply because those people wore the tzitzit in the traditional way.

Although several people have different interpretations, the tzitzit is a tradition that all Jews need to follow religiously.

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In Summary

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