Tallit for Women - popular prayer shawls colors

The Basics

Starting a few decades ago, tallit for women were made with a white base and some delicate white or cream decorations. As time passed, baby blue and royal blue colors were introduced into the prayer shawl's color scheme, along with faded, baby pink and some delicate lilac. 

These three basic colors, in their delicate and feminine version, beautifully upgrade any tallit for women choice. The bat mitzvah girl, parents or grandparetns will all feel comfortable with these harmonius choices, when used in proportion and accurately in the tallit's pattern.

Baby Blue Tallit for Women

Baby Blue Tallit for Women

Strong Colors

As more options were added for fabric painting and production techniques, new tallit for women designs started showing up. With more creative looks, the use of color has expanded from the basic 3 "baby" colors, to more strong and lively colors. 

The new opportunities for a modern tallit choice inlcude tallitot with yellow, orange, green and darker blue and purple shawls. This enables many girls and women to feel more festive and fashionable during their special bat mitzvah day and any other religious occasion they attend thereafter.

At Galilee Silks, we adapt to trends and customer requests and are we're open to any new option our customers can dream of. We have a vast range of ribbons in all colors, and can create any color combination decoration with out experts' knowledge and creativity.

Delicate Summer Tallit for Women

Delicate Summer Tallit for Women

Custom Tallit Color

Every once in a while, we receive an inquiry from a young lady's mother or grandmother, asking if we can make a customize tallit  for women design fro their upcoming bat mitzvah girl. The new request may sound weird and even extreme to experience in a religious item like the prayer shawl, but we judge no one!

We work closely with the customer in order to find the best design that will work out for the young lady who dreams of a unique piece that will compliment her overall outfit. Between 2 to 4 illustrations are prepared and shown to the customer. In most cases, no further search is required as the perfect design is found at this stage.

The Daffodils tallit for women

The Daffodils tallit for women


Think Outside the Box

The most interesting and challenging times are when we receive a request for a hand painted tallit for women in a non-ordinary color for a tallit. This can be an Orange or  Black talilt for examples.

In such a case, when the base of the tallit is black, it also has a delicate decoration or spot, which makes it look like a prayer shawl - and a most dignified one!

This can be an abstract illustration of the Tree of Life in silver, a floral pattern or an abstract, wavy form.

The Black Waves tallit, for example, is made from a pure silk base. It is hand painted in special silk color and goes through the traditional steaming process for the color fixation. This results in a somewhat shiny effect to the solid, black base.

But isntead of a boadring solid pattern, this tallit for women is decorated with 2 main elements that are eye-chatching. One is the silver printed atarah (neckband) and the other is the wave pattern in lighter color.

Black Waves tallit for women

Black Waves tallit for women

Regardless of the color, each tallit for women comes in a set with matching tallit bag and a kippah - making this gift between generations durable, memorable and colorful.

We invite you to choose a tallit in your favourite color from our hand made collection. We would also love to hear from you if you're dreaming of your own tallit color and design - and make your dream come true. Contact us at orders@galileesilks.com for more information.