The purpose of the Jewish prayer shawl

A Jewish prayer shawl, also known as a tallit, is a religious garment with Tzitzit strings threaded through at the corners. As per the Jewish tradition, a Jewish prayer shawl can enhance your prayer life and focus your prayer time. The sole purpose is to involve the wearer in prayer both physically and spiritually. It is believed that when you get wrapped in the prayer shawl, you feel the name of God, the house of God, his commandments, and miracles- all flooding over you. 

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The shawl can have any design and can be made from any fabric, but the traditional fabric for a prayer shawl is wool. Rectangular in shape, the traditional colors of the wool shawl are white with blue or black stripes. It is worn by the male Jews- during the daily morning service (shaharit). However, it is the fringes (tzitzit), affixed to the four corners of the shawl, that remind the Jews of God and His commandments. No matter where you live, you can buy Jewish prayer shawl from Galilee Silks that has some of the best collections of tallitot for men.

Who can use the Jewish Prayer Shawl?

Technically, the Jewish Prayer Shawl should be worn by the Jewish man all day long from his Bar Mitzvah at the age of thirteen. But this is not practical in today’s world. Therefore, the tallit is mostly worn during morning prayers and congregational prayers. As the prayer shawl became more and more popular among the Believers, both men and women started wearing the tallit in the prayer ceremony. As Jewish people, they feel encouraged in wearing the tallit prayer shawl. 

The Jewish prayer shawl is packed with spiritual benefits, and if the heart and motives of the wearer are pure, he can reap those benefits from it. According to some believers, the prayer shawl provides the wearer a special and private place for prayer, isolating him from the distractions of the outside world and focusing entirely on God. It helps the wearer to reflect solely on God’s commandments, protection, and constant love for his believers. Wearing a prayer shawl can also strengthen someone’s commitment to regular prayer.

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Purchasing a Jewish Prayer Shawl

Today, plenty of beautifully designed Jewish prayer shawls are available with many vendors, most of which are acceptable according to Jewish law. A prayer shawl is a spiritual garment that involves several laws in its making. Therefore, buy Jewish prayer shawl only from a God-fearing and trustworthy place such as Galilee Silks that follows the traditional legacy of the Jews to make the most effective prayer shawl for you. Explore the wide variety of fabrics and styles for Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, and Jewish wedding gifts.

Important points to know about the Jewish Prayer Shawl

  • The majority of the people buy and use wool tallit made from 100% wool of ewes. 
  • MishkanHatchelet has developed the most lightweight tallit called the “kalit”. This tallit provides tremendous comfort in everyday life, even in the intense heat. 
  • The Tashbetz’s Tallit was made using a special technique of weaving wool squares which balances the prayer shawl over the shoulder and prevents it from falling. 
  • Acrylic Tallitot are made up of acrylic and polyester- is the cheapest prayer shawl available due to the type of fabric used.