Top 4 best handmade tallit for women in 2022 by Galilee Silks

Easily find a tallit that fits your style and budget from Galilee Silks. Shop a wide range of modern and unique pattern tallit for weddings and special occasions at affordable prices

The Jewish prayer shawl or tallit plays a crucial part in every Jew's life. Be it a wedding or any special occasion, you can find one piece of cloth that is predominantly present in the attire of every Jewish life i.e. a beautifully designed tallit. Undoubtedly, it carries an enormous symbolic significance in Judaism. So to make them worth remembering, in this post, we'll be listing some of the unique and best-selling prayer shawls for women in 2022 by Galilee Silks- one of the best tallit selling online shops in the world. Take a look:

Delicate Purple Dots Tallit for Women and Bat Mitzvah Girls

If wearing a custom-made tallit in 2022 for one of your special occasions is your dream, then you’ve got to order Delicate Purple Dots Tallit for women and girls from Galilee Silks and make your dream come true. When worn, the garment’s delicate purple color along with the original patterns gives the wearer an elegant feel and look. 

Buy custom made Delicate Purple Dots Tallit for women from Galilee Silks

The blessings in the Atarah are knitted in Hebrew with the beautiful and elegant lilac color on white background. The best thing is that the whole cloth is handmade from opaque polyester, ideally suited for women and bat mitzvah girls who are looking to buy a quality tallit

Hand-Painted Cherry Blossom Tallit for Women

This type of tallit is quite popular among today’s women simply because of the beautiful watercolor-like effect of the silk colors that makes the floral pattern absolutely stunning and stylish as well as meaningful at the same time. Skillfully hand-painted by the experienced artisans in the Land of Israel, it is a one-of-a-kind prayer shawl that will greatly satisfy the wearer.

Buy the popular hand-painted Cherry Blossom Tallit for Women

Rest assured, when you wear this magnificent tallit, you will instantly capture everyone’s attention- even before the start of the marriage.

Four Mothers Tallit in Lilac for Women

Galilee Silks made quite a name for itself with its stunning range of tallit for women. One of such designs is the Four Mothers Tallit in Lilac, which is seen to be worn by many women for the morning prayers in the Synagogue. This best-seller handmade tallit is beautifully decorated with softly patterned ribbons in lilac and light blue, making the wearer of this tallit stand out among the sea of crowds. As it’s a trend set by Galilee Silk, this tallit also has Hebrew blessings written along the collar, inscribed to praise God. 

Buy the Four Mothers Tallit in Lilac for Women at a discounted price from Galilee Silks

Other than that, this Four Mothers Tallit is stunning as it is made from top-quality, long-lasting polyester, semi-sheer material. It also gets accompanied by a matching kippah and a bag in order to keep the tallit in the best condition for as long as possible.

White with Blue flowers Silk Tallit for Women

Known as a charming piece and handmade from pure silk, this fabric is carefully made by the experienced artisans of Galilee Silks. Hand decorated with floating blue flowers in various sizes and shades, this tallit is a part of the unique tallit collection from the best tallit selling online shop in the world. The White with Blue flowers Silk tallit for women is sold with a matching tallit bag and a kippah and the best thing is that the design pattern is repeated on the bag also. 

Buy the charming and attractive White with Blue flowers Silk Tallit for Women from Galilee Silks

Makers of this handmade wool tallit have a reputation for crafting quality tallits- a tradition that extends to over 30 years and therefore, while choosing this tallit, you can be confident that you will not go wrong. 


Galilee Silks has the most extensive collection of artistic Jewish tallit for every taste and budget. Each tallit is designed in the Land of Israel by experienced Jewish hands– a great asset when we are talking about holy ritual items. If you are looking for a prayer shawl for women, men, girls, or boys, you will find a large selection on our website, created in colorful artistic designs and in a wide choice of materials including silk, wool, polyester, etc. Explore the online shop now!