Top 5 collections of Jewish prayer shawl for men and boys in 2021 from Israel

Check out the top 5 collections of Jewish prayer shawl in 2021 from Galilee Silks for men and boys. Each of the products is designed uniquely and handmade by the skilled artisans of Israel's leading Silk Tallit manufacturer.

Many Jewishpeople around the world use different items for their weekly prayers and special worships on holidays. This mainly includes prayer shawls or tallit, skullcaps (yarmulkes), and phylacteries (a small leather box containing Hebrew texts on vellum). Tallit or Jewish prayer shawl is the most common one that has a lot of significance in Jewish religion and custom. It is a rectangular piece of cloth with fringes attached to its four corners that have their own significance in Judaism. Read on as in this post, we will be sharing the top 5 prayer shawls for men and boys in 2021 that you can buy from Galilee Silks Tallit Shop fromIsrael. Have a look:

Blue & White Wool Tallit for men, Bar Mitzvah Tallit

What exactly comes to your mind when you think of a traditional Jewish tallit? A traditional Jewish tallit comprises of many things such as:

  • Traditional blue & white colors
  • Made from wool fabric
  • Blessing is written in the Hebrew language in the Atarah (neckband)

The best thing is that Blue & White Wool Tallit Designfor men pretty much checks all these boxes. It is undoubtedly an exceptionally made tallit with best quality fabrics.

Buy the exclusively designed Blue & White Wool Jewish prayer shawl for men from Galilee Silks

Exclusive Magen David Wool Tallit for men from Israel

The Magen David wool tallit from Galilee Silks is one of the most favorite designs among men that they order online. So it definitely has proven its worth. This luxury prayer shawl is adorned with prestigious stripes in blue with a multiple Magen David – Star of David motifs design. However, keep in mind that this tallit is a tad on the higher price segments. Therefore, depending on your own needs and preferences, you can choose to buy this beautiful tallit to celebrate any special occasion in your life. 

Check out theMagen David Wool JewishPrayer Shawl for men from Israel at an affordable price

JOSEPH Gold, Black and Olive Green Stripes Wool Tallit for men

If you are looking for a high-quality tallit with a clean design that will last you for a long time, then this tallit is the one that you should absolutely keep an eye on. This is a new classic designfor menwith a wool baes, decorated with varying elements in Gold, Black and Olive Green, creating a distinguished WhiteTallit to grace the wearer. Like every other tallit from Galilee Silks, this tallit is sold with a matching tallit bag and a kippah.

Note: Care instructions: dry cleaning and light ironing.

Check out the high-quality JOSEPH Gold, Black and Olive Green Stripes Wool Jewish Prayer Shawl for men

Youthful Easy Going Bar Mitzvah Blue Tallit Set

As you may have noticed, modern tallit prayer shawls have one thing in common i.e. they combine modern artistic design with traditional meaningful symbols. The Youthful Easy Going Bar Mitzvah Blue Tallit set is one of those modern tallit sets for boys that has been designed by experienced Israeli artists. by transforming traditional Jewish elements into gorgeous pieces of modern art. The sporty styled polyester tallit has a finely striped navy-blue fabric panel that is enriched with shades-of-blue trimming. The exclusive design and color pattern make this tallit stand out and give its wearer a decent and festive look and feel- ideal for young people looking for a modern style tallit.

The trendy Youthful Easy Going Bar Mitzvah Blue Jewish Prayer Shawl for boys

Bordeaux Star of David Bar Mitzvah Tallit Set

The rich color and classic design of this handmade tallit are perfect for a Jewish young soul who could use a little motivation in his daily prayers. It is made from 100% wool beautified by Laser-cut Stars of David patterns in Burgundy and shades of Burgundy, like the color of the wine. This bestselling masterpiece is an extremely popular Bar Mitzvah tallit among young people from all over the world. Carefully crafted by Galilee Silks, this tallit will make you wear it and walk around all day (like in biblical times!).

The best-selling Bordeaux Star of David Bar Mitzvah Jewish Prayer Shawl from Galilee Silks

Bottom Line

As per Jewish tradition, every Jew is required to wear the Tallit (and Tefillin) every single day during the morning prayers and special occasions. Therefore, choose one that will last you for many years to come. If you want to buy a tallit from a reliable and trustworthy seller, don’t look further than Galilee Silks. It has an unlimited collection of handmade Jewish prayer shawl for men and boys at an affordable price that can make you stand out from the crowdon your special occasion.