Top things to consider when buying tallit Bar Mitzvah

When it comes to buying a tallit Bar Mitzvah, keep an eye on different aspects so that it would be a memorable gift for the Bar Mitzvah boy!

Jews from different corners of the globe admire wearing tallit both as a religious emblem and as a piece of artistry. The artistic craftsmanship that combines the contemporary designs and the standard definitions set by the Jewish culture is cherished by Jews nowadays. 

Men love to flaunt unique tallit bar mitzvah which is a concoction of both the religious and the stylistic aspects. So, when you think of gifting a tallit to someone for a special event of his life like a Bar Mitzvah, you need to keep in mind certain parameters. In this blog, we will discuss the top criteria to focus on when buying a tallit for Bar Mitzvah boy. 

Modern Blue Star Of David Wool Tallit Bar Mitzvah Set

The eye-catching design that uplifts your looks-


Nowadays the Bar Mitzvah boys prefer to adorn a tallit featuring rich designs for the first time on their Bar Mitzvah ceremony. The buyers must keep this fact in min. Most of the young men now prefer to look stylish on their special days while abiding by the Jewish laws. To meet both purposes, one can buy a unique tallit that is filled with intricate religious symbols highlighted with gorgeous designed panels. 


The buyers can look out for some unique modern silk and wooltallitot that portray some popular Jewish symbols like the Star of David, the Seven Species and the Lion of Judea, Doves of Peace, Tree of life, Jerusalem, and more.


Availability of custom Tallit-


Do you want your gift to be memorized forever? You can personalize it by adding the wearer’s name embroidery on the tallit bag which is part of the 3 items set along a matching kippah. Besides, you can also include religious messages, prayers, or best wishes in Hebrew or English, stitch embroidered on the atara or the tallit bag. It will make it an even more meaningful Jewish gift. Added to that, make sure the designs are available in a customized size in case required by the wearer.


Wool tallit with Gold embroidered Jerusalem landscape Tallit Bar Mitzvah




Make sure you have the right Tallit size-


It will be disheartening if your gifted tallit cannot be worn due to the wrong size or fitting issues. So, make sure you know the correct size of the Bar Mitzvah boy you want to gift it. The size differs according to the two popular styles of men's tallitot and the wearer's height.


The one which is worn like a shawl comes in a standard size of 20"x72". It is the most popular choice for young buyers. The second one features a full-size design and refers to the ‘60 size tallit’. This design of man's tallit is adorned over the arms and shoulders with multiple foldings.


Which is the one-stop destination to get the best tallit for Bar Mitzvah Occasion? 


Several reputed online stores specialize in featuring an elegantly designed tallit Bar Mitzvah. Though there are wide options available in over-the-counter online tallit store, check out Galilee Silks for strikingly gorgeous original Israeli silk decorated Tallitot. Located in Northern-Israel, Galilee Silks is a veteran Israeli tallit designer and manufacturer specializing in rich and vibrant hand-painted original Israeli tallit. 


Galilee Silks have been offering the Jewish community beautiful collections of traditional and modern tallitotfor over 30 years. A unique collection is suitable for Bar Mitzvah boys. As the wearer loves to portray a great style statement on these special days, he will enjoy a detailed decoration of different Jewish religious motifs on his prayer shawl.