Tree of Life Turquoise Silk Tallit : A Fine Addition to Your Wardrobe

Jewish women wear Tallit as a prayer shawl that is believed to symbolize their dedication and devotion to god. They wear it during prayers and on special occasions, like during celebrating the coming-of-age ceremony, known as Bat mitzvah. Nowadays several ladies prefer shopping for an exquisitely designed Tallit from reputed e-stores who offer a wide range of eye-catchy options. The Tree of Life Turquoise Tallit is a fine example of an elegant-looking offering from a reputed online Tallit Shop. Let us give a more vivid description of this beautifully tailored Tallit here to help one make a more informed purchasing decision.

The color is always an influencing factor

The first thing that captures the attention is surely its eye-soothing turquoise color. This color has a sweet feminine feel about it and looks quite sophisticated. This color is generally associated with the ocean. It has a calming effect on the mind of people, and its serenity promotes peace of mind. No doubt, this turquoise Tallit can be a quality choice for offering your prayer to God. The blessing is soberly printed in silver on the atara or the neckband. The silver color looks impressive on the Turquoise background.

Tree of Life Turquoise Silk Tallit


It is made of silk crepe de chine!

The fabric chosen for making this Tallit is 100% silk crepe de chine (In French, it means “Crepe from China”). The fabric enjoys a considerable demand for tailoring luxurious fashionwear due to its wrinkle resistance property. This material is remarkably light in weight and feels satin smooth to touch. Crepe de chine fabric also has a reputation for not fading quickly even after years of use. It also does not burn out in the sun. Its subtle texture and glossy luster with a matte finish help to add more glamour to the Tree of Life Turquoise Silk Tallit. This fabric demonstrate this Tallit with luxurious appearance and feel. The wearer can combine the tradition perfectly with a sober fashion statement wearing this turquoise Tallit.

The design details

The frontal portion of the Tallit is decorated with an elegantly crafted Tree of Life or Tree design.  The abstract tree painting work is designed and positioned on the Tallit in such a way that when you wear it open, the Tallit opens cutting the tree longitudinally in two halves. It looks beautiful, undoubtedly, and the unique design pattern deserves to earn quality compliments from others. The Tree of Life Turquoise Tallit will be an appropriate choice for any lady to attend any social gatherings and devotional ceremonies with family and congregation members.

The hand painted “tree of life” design


This turquoise Tallit can also be beautifully paired with any fancy apparel of your choice. The color, fabric, and styling were designed to help it further enhance other apparel garments.

Other essential details

The tallit is available in a set with a tallit bag and kippah


It surely is good news to all the potential buyers that a matching kippah and a tallit bag accompany this turquoise Tallit in a package. You can personalize the Tallit bag by requesting to add a personalized name embroidery during its preparation. Apart from the soothing and sophisticated turquoise color, the Tree of Life designed Tallit is also available in pink, blue, and purple colors. You can buy them in a standard size or customized according to your desired size.