Wool Tallit for Sale: Buy from Galilee Silk at Best Price

The wool tallit is usually bought to wear in religious ceremonies like Morning Prayer, burial, congregation or in a synagogue. However, some Jewish people like to stick to the traditional Jewish culture on other occasions also. They prefer to respect their cultural emblem and wear a classic wool tallit in other congregation meetings.  


Champion Wool: The Primary Material of Traditional Tallit 


During the archaic period, tallit was only used during religious occasions. Champion wool was only used those times to weave the tallit. It was the only material to be considered by the manufacturers to weave the Jewish Prayer shawl.  


By the passing time, it became a tradition to knit and inter-twist the white champion wool primarily with unblended wool, cotton, and linen while manufacturing the tallit. Traditional Tallit features knotted fringes at each corner of the sacred piece and it is only entwined with blue and black stripes.  


Looks and Design of Classic Wool Tallit




Blue & White Men Wool Tallit for Sale


In early times, the wool tallit for sale was mostly made of 100% light and non-abrasive wool. It came with multiple stripes of blue of or black. Hardly any other wool color besides white was used to weave the tallit. The wool in the tallit is medium-weight and comfortable enough to use every day. In a classic wool tallit, gold or silver elementswere also used. 

Each tallit boasts of kosher white tzitzit tied to the four corners. With wool tallit, a matching kippah is also available. Blue dyed ‘Tachelet’ is sometimes also used in addition to white ones. However, a good quality blue-dyed tzitzit should be used so that it will not leave any stain on the white wool. In Israel, the wool tallit comes with the beautiful neckband inscribed with the full Hebrew blessings. The tallit set includes a kippah and fully lined and matching tallit bag.


Traditional Wool Tallit can be passed through Generations

The stunning traditional tallit can be an ideal souvenir to gift anyone for  their life’s most precious moment. Many pleasant memories and sentiments are attached with this Jewish cultural emblem that the elder generations wishes to pass to their beloved younger famisly members, even when bought as tallit for sale.

You can also place your order for a beautiful wool tallit as a gift for a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah occasion. Galilee Silks create specially-designed, eye-catchy men's and women's tallit from Israel. Anyone will be very excited and feel special to receive a classic or Modern Israeli wool tallit from their loving family. 

Designer wool tallit for the wedding ceremony: Where Tradition meets Fashion

Wool tallit for sale with Gold embroidered Jerusalem landscape


Nowadays, people regardless of their gender are sporting tallit as a fashion outfit. So, they look for bright color schemed tallit with vibrant decorative patterns. Even if some wearers stick to the wool as the base fabric, they may prefer unique wool tallit decorated with dark-colored Taffeta panel in contrast.  

Different ancient shapes and symbols of Judaica culture are in use. The Atarah is embroidered with the Hebrew blessings. In one specific design, the designers use a colorful distinctive panel composed of hand-painted silk on wool tallit to present the embroidered drawing of the landscape of Jerusalem. 

Galilee Silk is a reliable Israeli tallit manufacturer and designer for 30 years where you can get both traditional and contemporary wool tallit for saleTheir versed artisan shawls always give a contemporary twist maintaining the tradition principals. The wool tallit they manufacture meets the Jewish religious guideline as well as serve as a fashion garment. Moreover, you can get any tallit tailored for you in customized sizes. They ship worldwide.