Bar Mitzva Tallit

Bar Mitzvah Tallit

Bar Mitzva Tallit for Jewish Congregation is hands down the most important function of life for men, apart from their wedding, of course!

The coming of age celebration needs the best arrangement and the best of everything.

Make your Bar Mitzvah more special with stylish, designer Bar Mitzvah Tallit available right here.

Choose from designer collection of classic or contemporary designs of hand made Tallits and make your occasion a one to remember.

Buy a Jewish Prayer Shawl for boy today, a great gift choice for your loved one!

All of our Prayer Shawls are hand made in Israel from the finest material and decorations.

Galilee Silks is a leading Tallit for men designer and manufacturer, providing unique hand made Tallit designs for people all around the world.

We constantly create new Tallit designs based on demand and fashion trends.


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