Jerusalem Tallit and Holyland prayer shawls

In the Jerusalem Tallit and Holyland prayer shawls category you can find our unique prayer shawls with Jerusalem’s landscape in various techniques: Hand painted on silks; printed and painted; laser cut combinations and more…
All in creative colorful designs that emphasize your connection to the Holyland!

Whether you’re looking for a Tallit for men or Tallit for women, be sure you’ll find an original, best quality Tallit for yourself or your loved ones!

In this category you can find Jerusalem Wool tallit or Silk Tallit with images of the historical wall and buildings; Jewish and holyland symbols like the Lion of Judah, the Star of David (Magen David), Doves of peace, the seven species and , pomegranates…Wrapping yourself during prayer with these Jewish symbols can strengthen your sense of identity.

All of our creations are hand made in Israel and can be ordered in different size and material.

Perfect for the soon to become Bar Mitzvah boy or Bat Mitzvah girl!

A Jerusalem Tallit will add a touch of fashion and uniqueness to the Jewish confirmation ceremony.


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