Collection: Bar Mitzvah Tallit

Elegant Hand Made Bar Mitzvah Tallit Sets, Hebrew Prayer Shawls for Bnei Mitzvah and men.

Our Bar Mitzvah Tallit collection includes various designs, made of different base materials: Wool Tallit, Wool and Silk Tallit, Viscose Tallit and Polyester Tallit.

Custom Tallit from Israel - you can enhance any Bar Mitzvah and Hebrew Prayer Shawl Tallit set by adding a Personalized Name Embroidery on the Bar Mitzvah Tallit Set bag, in English or Hebrew.

The hand made Tallit designs in our Tallit for Bar Mitzvah Sets- Hebrew Prayer Shawl collection are geometric or artistic; with stripes, decorated fabrics or hand painted Jewish motifs, like Jerusalem Tallit, Start of David, Lion of Judea, Tree of Life and more.

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  • Tallit With Jerusalem Embroidery In Gold, Bar Mitzvah Tallit Set, Tzitzit Wool Tallit, Custom Tallit, Tallit from Israel
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