Pink and Peach Tallit for Girl, Bat Mitzvah Tallit by Galilee Silks, Tallit Set
Pink and Peach Tallit for Girl, Bat Mitzvah Tallit Set by Galilee Silks Israel

Pink and Peach Tallit for Girl, Bat Mitzvah Tallit Set, Tallit for Women, Feminine Tallit, Women's Tallit Prayer Shawl

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Some women prefer cream to white!

Here's a soft Tallit for Girl with pink flowers decoration accompanied by Pink and Peach Satin ribbons - a perfect light weight Bat Mitzvah tallit.

The base material of the Pink and Peach bat mitzvah tallit for girls is a lovely soft, sheer polyester and the decorative ribbons are made of various synthetics. The atarah is embroidered.

This simple yet elegant Tallit would make a lovely gift for any young girl or woman.

Like all Galilee Silks Tallits for Women, Bat Mitzvah Tallit Sets, Girls Tallits - it is sold as a set with a beautiful matching Tallit bag and Kippah.

The design pattern is repeated on the Tallit bag. The kippah has a matching color.
Size: 20″ x 72″ (50cm x 183cm)
Made in Israel.
Preparation time: 2-3 days

Shipping options:

Standard Economy (delivery within 3-4 weeks): $15

DHL Express\UPS ($39):
  • Non Personalized items - delivery within 3-7 days once shipped
  • Personalized items (name embroidery on the Tallit bag, customized size) - delivery within 5-10 days once ordered.

      Custom Tallit set - you can order this Tallit for Women, Bat Mitzvah Tallit Set, Girls Tallit with a personalized name embroidery on the tallit bag, making it an even more meaningful gift!

      Click here to see examples for the custom tallit bag with personalized name embroidery

      The Hebrew text on the atarah is
      "ברוך אתה ד' אלוהינו מלך העולם אשר קדשנו במצוותיו וציוונו להתעטף בציצת"

      "Blessed are you, Adonai our God,
      Sovereign of all,
      who hallows us with mitzvot,
      commanding us to wrap ourselves with the fringes."    
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