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Silk Printing


Silk worms (a species of caterpillar) feed on mulberry leaves, spinning themselves cocoons which can be 100,000 feet long. It takes 45,000 cocoons to produce two pounds of raw silk.It is a very fine, elastic and strong material. Silk worms have been kept in China for over 4,000 years and fabrics reach the rest of the world along the famous “Silk Route” to Europe for many centuries.No other material or technique produces such luminous colors.

We still buy the very best raw white silk produced in China for our studio.Once the silk has reached us in long bolts of cloth, we cut it into the lengths required to make scarves, clothing or tallitot as needed.The silk is then stretched onto an appropriate sized frame and fixed there with special pins. It is dampened with a mixture of alcohol and water, and then painted in a variety of techniques and colors by our skilled artists.We purchase special colors from abroad in order to produce the most stunning colors. The drying process takes at least twelve hours so that the chemicals in the paint may bind with the silk fibers.The silk is then steamed in a special devise
for five hours after each piece has been wrapped in paper.

The silk is unwrapped from the paper and must wait for two days before being washed. It is then ironed, cut into the required sizes for silk scarves, for clothing or for tallitot. After being sewn it is re-ironed, wrapped and sent to you, our customer.

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