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Tallit for Bat Mitzva Girl

We live in Tallit for Bat Mitzva GirlTallit for Bat Mitzva Girl a world in which the one’s outer appearance affects the truth about how people grasp who you are. The question is, how do we understand the underlying truth? One can say, “Not everything that shines is gold.” In order to design so that which looks like gold will really be worth its weight in gold, we try to look at our materials and to see their spirit, their depth and the truth that they convey to us.

The material is important and the creative input is important. That is the outer wrapping that shouldn’t be dismissed. We, at Galilee Silks expend the most feeling, thought and effort to create the best tallit that we are able to produce. Just as important to us is that you, the Bat Mitzvah girl, will feel the holiness of being wrapped in your tallit. We hope that it will lift you up in delight that you have reached Bat Mitzvah age and are celebrating that important ceremony. It is related to the fact that you go up to the Torah, and that you have learned the week’s passage and the Haftorah. This singular occasion you will remember your whole life. We, at Galilee Silks, are delighted that we were able to contribute to the ceremony of your Bat Mitzvah.

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