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Tallit for Women – A Fashion Item

When you think of Judaism, what are the images that first come to mind?

For every woman, the answer to that question may be different. Wearing a customized tallit for women is an opportunity to show what Judiasm means to you, as well as your individuality and personal sense of style.

Tallit for women is an ancient custom that has recently re-emerged in popularity over the past few years. As the trend of tallit for women becomes more and more mainstream, a growing market has emerged, providing many options of tallit from which to choose.

The Many Variations of Women’s Tallit

Women’s tallit differ from men’s in that they are designed to meet the needs of the modern woman. Women’s tallit are made from lighter material – usually silk, cotton, organza or satin. They are completely customizable with colors and designs, and the variations are nearly endless.

Most fashionable women’s tallit feature a classic Jewish image such as an outline of Jerusalem, a dove of peace or a tree of life. Alternatively, other options include a pattern using Jewish symbols like the menorah or torah, a floral pattern, or just a simple tallit with stripes in the color of your choosing. It goes without saying that women’s tallit are definitely more eye catching than the men’s variety!

Tallit are a source of pride for many women, and it is important to take great care in choosing a design and complementing fabric and colors. In addition to being a fashion item, tallit for women are designed to last for many years. When deciding on a style, one tip is to look for a balance between classic and trendy and to choose something that represents your individual style and personality.

If you have difficulty choosing just one style, why not consider choosing two? Just as you have different outfits for different occasions, women’s tallit can run the gamut from formal to informal. You can have one tallit for general, everyday use, perhaps made in a light silk or cotton, and a second made of organza or satin for special or formal occasions.

Tallit for women present an exciting opportunity to express yourself through your religion, while at the same time make a unique fashion statement.

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