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My wedding was perfect with the Chuppah and Talit from Galilee Sliks. it made me and my family feel special and elegant.
Mrs. E.L, Greenville New York

The tallit arrived yesterday…it is beautiful. She will be so excited. Thank you so very much for your help. Be well. E.S.

It is not until May 6th, but I took the tallit to Nashville this past week end to show my granddaughter Margo and she LOVED the tallit.love it also.
Her middle name is Rose so it will be beautiful and she will pass it down to her children and grand children, please G-d. My speech starts off about her great grandparents especially my father who put on teffilin every morning and how I remember his tallis and his beautiful tallis bag made of velvet when I was a young child. Then I will talk about how how Margo researched on her own the perfect tallit that she wanted and found your website. I told her that through this website she introduced to a woman who is a real achiever and she introduced me to a new friend. Then I tell your story about your mom, your being a nurse, and following her death your going to Tel Aviv , taking classes, and your going to the kibbutz to be able to sell and your successful business as a woman. Shlomit, tell me more about the kibbutz concept. Everyone lives in
the kibbutz, works the land agriculturally as all food is grown on the land, and kibbutz’s such as yours have businesses also? How large is your kibbutz (land wise)and how many people live on your kibbutz? will add that information to my speech. I worry about Israel with all of the Arab countries in turmoil. My thoughts are with you everyday and there is a warm spot in my heart for you! I am going to be President of the Jewish Federation in Huntsville starting in the Fall. We raise money to send to Israel to help people who are needy living in Israel and around the world. Take care and stay well. Let me know about your kibbutz if you can. Much love, Arl.

I went to a batmitzvah on Saturday and counted at least 6 Galilee silk talitot including the batmitzvah girl and her sister. Neshikot. A


I just wanted to let you know that we got the tallit just fine and it is so beautiful! It will make an excellent addition to our wedding as the chuppah this weekend, and in the years to come as a tallit for my soon-to-be husband. Thank you!!!

Perhaps you remember that I ordered 14 t-shirts in December of 2009,as I usually do. For some reason the shipment got held up in Israel and the t-shirts arrived too late for my yearly trip. Fortunately, I
have so many of your t-shirts and there were enough that were in good condition, that I managed quite well.
My older son, picked up the package, which arrived a few days after I left on my trip. I never opened it, until I got ready to pack last month. They stayed in the box for an entire year. I counted on them. I have some health issues and I have my son, who was so seriously injured, when he fell 35 meters in Canyon Shahor in the Zeveetan. That was almost 30 years ago. I tend to him, except for the one month a year when we now go away. It took many years, before I could do this. He’s a fighter and continues to fight for his life – he’s quite amazing. My older son, looks after him, when I’m gone. I don’t take time to shop anywhere else, but from you, other than shoes etc, which I also buy online. I’m too busy and besides I love your t-shirts.
I lived in Israel for 13 months. During that time, my older son, met and married a girl from Ra’anana. They have four children, but unfortunately they are now separated. My eldest grandchild, a fine young man, is serving in the Golani Brigade and this April, my youngest granddaughter will be in the IDF too.
Due to all this, is how I found Galisilk 🙂 I found you when I attended my grandson’s bar mitzvah. I bought my first shirt from a store in Jerusalem. That was 13 years ago.
I was back in Israel, 11 years ago for my eldest granddaughter’s bat mitzvah and found a few more of your shirts.
After those occasions, I happened to receive a computer and was able to find you online. Life is interesting.
I want you to know that I love the shirts you sent me, that waited a year for me to wear 🙂
I’m worried about all of you and love you very much. It seems the tension increases daily. I pray you all keep safe.
Until next December – I remain a loyal shopper,N. K.

They delivered the shofar bag YESTERDAY! 🙂 I can’t believe that it took a month to come, but it is beautiful and worth the wait!
Thank you so much,

We received it and It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see Gabriel in it. Thank you


We received Adam’s talit yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful! It exceeded our expectations! I showed it to our Rabbi’s husband, who is Israeli, and he said it the most beautifully made he has seen….fit for royalty. Thank you so much for accommodating us so quickly and for making this simcha even more special. I will recommend you to others. Thank you again.

We received our son’s Tallit. It is beautiful! He will enjoy it for year’s to come! Thank you!

Hi Shlomt–ths size large is just fine and the color hue which is the turquoise/blue/etc, is fine-anxious to wear this-your fashions bring me many compliments-when I wear the t-shirt/vest- I have 4 sets-each one brings me to a “stop” as people ask me “where did you get it” amd I say proudly”hand painted in Israel!!!” I just wear it proudly as am a supporter for you and your country—I will anxiously await my order-Your friend,P. D.

my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was a perfect day, accented by your beautiful tallit. She loved it! Thank you so very much for getting it to us as you promised! Take care and I wish you well!
D. W.

IGreat news: My husband had the delivery slip and forgot to tell me. I picked it up from the post office today. It’s even more beautiful than we expected! THANKS!

God Bless.
I have received wonderful compliments on the skirt and jacket set

We received the silks today and they are very beautiful! We are really happy with them.
I’m sure we’ll be ordering more soon.
Thank you for such good work.

I received the scarf and it is very beautiful. I ordered it as a gift for a friend and she was very pleased with the beautiful colors and the Jerusalem scene on the scarf. I recently purchased the lavender and pink Tallit with pomegranates made from dupion silk from Hatikvah Judaica in San Diego. Your silk is very beautiful and soft. I received many compliments on the beautiful tallit.
Many thanks to you,

My jacket arrived today.
It is stunning!
Thank you, thank you!

Hello Shlomit,
Just received my tallit in the mail today, in time for Shabbat. Thank you so much–it looks great.
We are all praying for the safety of State of Israel. May God protect you and the forces of the IDF.

I just rec’d the beautiful top and vest. They are absoultely beautiful. Thank you so much for a beautiful, quality product.
Beautiful Top and Vest

I proudly wore my beautiful talit on Saturday, and received many compliments, but more than that, I felt honored and privileged to wear it, as I, at 56 years old, became a Bat Mitzvah on 6/4/11, and waited to purchase just the right talit in honor of our son becoming a Bar Mitzvah on 12/8/12.
Thank you so very much, Shlomit, for your hard work and caring!
Hoping that all is well with you and your family.
L. B. K.

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